We are James, Cam and Chris. We are moment seekers and story tellers. We are Chasewild.

Chasewild was born out of our passion for photography and our desire to share our couples stories in natural and unique ways. If you haven't worked it out already, we are inspired by authentic moments, joy, love and laughter. For us that's what a wedding day is all about. So if you are looking for a photographer to make you look like someone other than yourself, then we are probably not the right photographers for you.

We love shooting weddings. And we love a bit of an adventure while we are at it. Adventures up a mountain, through a forest or across the globe. If this gets you excited then let’s talk some more.

James Broadbent

James has many unique talents that set him apart. Rocking that Canadian tuxedo at any and every opportunity, somehow sustaining a somewhat normal life while almost always travelling and finding NZ's best hidden spots to park his Land Cruiser for the night. 

Cameron Thorp

Some say Cam, others say Camuel. There are a few things that keep Cam moving - coffee that your mum has never heard of, clothes that your sister can't afford and snacks that you wouldn't let your children eat.

Chris Copeland Chasewild

Chris Copeland

Hailing from Ireland but usually found in other places, Chris spends his time globe trotting and gallivanting in lush fields. A little more buttering-up and Chris might just get that container filled and shipped on it's way to New Zealand.