About Us

We are James and Cam. We are moment seekers and story tellers. We are Chasewild.

Chasewild was born out of our passion for photography and our desire to share our couples stories in natural and unique ways. If you haven't worked it out already, we are inspired by authentic moments, joy, love and laughter. For us that's what a wedding day is all about. So if you are looking for a photographer to make you look like someone other than yourself, then we are probably not the right photographers for you.

We love shooting weddings. And we love a bit of an adventure while we are at it. Adventures up a mountain, through a forest or across the globe. If this gets you excited then let’s talk some more.

James Broadbent

It often feels like James is away more than he is at home. He somehow manages to sustain a somewhat normal life while travelling most weekends for weddings, leaving NZ for Europe during our winters and when he's back home he's usually trying to find somewhere in the mountains to camp. 

Cameron Thorp

We aren't sure what takes up more time, but Cam splits his hours between drinking speciality coffee and travelling around NZ and beyond photographing people in love. Either way, you'll find him with a brew or a camera in hand!