Laura + James // Warehouse Wedding Auckland

Laura and James' wedding was such a special day. These two decided to do things a little different. Their goal was to end their day with a BBQ in their backyard with their family and friends so to do so we started the day early, they had a lunch reception and partied through the afternoon. We finished the day on an Auckland rooftop at sunset before they rushed off to be with their family for the evening at Laura's family home. 

Not only was James and Laura's day so special but these two were also amazing to work with. They had a fairly strong idea of what they wanted for their wedding but when it came to the design and photography of their wedding they unleashed full control and simply said, go crazy! And that is exactly what happened. I can tell you, when you tell your wedding planner to go wild, good things happen. We were lucky enough to work alongside an amazing team for this one including Amanda Norwood Design and Leaf and Honey who did the most stunning job on the day.

This wedding is published in issue 7 of Together Journal

Photography by James

Anita and Aaron // Goldie Estate Waiheke Wedding

Anita and Aaron's Waiheke wedding was full of so much goodness. From impeccably styled details at their reception dinner to secret local Waiheke views, we loved photographing with these two babes. 

Venue: Goldwater Estate Waiheke
Styling and Hire: MyWaiheke
Flowers: Wildflower Waiheke
Dress: Kellylin Couture

Photography by Cameron.

Sarah + Stefan // Home Engagement Session

When you take an uber talented makeup artist, one of the finest tattoo artists and meet them at their house to drink tea together good things happen. As if it's not enough that they are both crazy talented they just so happen to be the most down to earth couple you could hope to meet with the finest furry feline. Sarah and Stefan invited me to their place one afternoon for a short home engagement shoot to make some magic and I couldn't image any better way to spend an afternoon. 

Photography by Chris