Reece + Penny // Queenstown Engagement shoot

Almost a year ago now Penny and Reece flew over from Australia to meet me in Queenstown for their engagement shoot. Have we mentioned that we LOVE showing our couples around NZ and taking them to the most beautiful parts of our country?

When I met Penny and Reece at Queenstown airport for their shoot we had talked briefly about where we would shoot but coming directly off the plane I hadn’t had time to scout locations like I usually would. The plan was to spend the afternoon exploring together and finding beautiful locations together. This is exactly what we did and the results couldn't be any better.

Photography by James

Debbie + Joseph // Everybody's Auckland Wedding


Joseph and Debbie took over down town Auckland on their wedding day and threw a party to remember! The morning began with a fun shoot, roaming the streets in Debbie's traditional attire. Later, we headed to the stylish Everybody's for an emotional wedding ceremony. Joseph and Debbie made the bravest vows a person can muster to say to another and alas, were married! The reception was a stylish and special affair, as their loved ones got up and made their own vows to the couple. They were seriously smiley reciprocates. Dancing ensued and the party went off. Ending the night with a special dance to themselves, this was a day Joseph and Debbie imbued with meaning and moments to keep forever. 

Photography by Cameron. 

Venue: Everybody's 

Tama + Esther // Rarotonga Wedding Photographer

Tama and Esther are locals in Rarotonga and their wedding was nothing short of the talk of the town! This day was all kinds of amazing. The coming together of two special people, families and cultures. Four wheel drives, spurts of of rain, a stunning dress, guests singing their hearts out in the church, gorgeous people everywhere, sunsets on the beach, fire dancing and a hectic party the island will not soon forget! 

It was such a privilege to be a part of this super fun day and a real honour to tell their story. Tama and Esther I hope to be back soon!

Photography by Cameron.