Presets by Chasewild


We are making the Lightroom presets we use everyday available to you.

Pack 1 includes two colour presets and one black and white preset.

Our focus with these presets is keeping consistency through different lighting situations. Pack 1 is specifically designed for soft and harsh light and our main black and white is in there too. The presets have the pop, feel and colour that we love in our photos at Chasewild and are a perfect starting point for you to add your own twist. 

The presets use Adobe standard colour profiles and work across camera platforms.

Pack includes 3 presets for Lightroom. 

1. CW1 For Soft Light
2. CW2 For Harsh Light
3. CW3 B&W with Punch

Chasewild Preset Pack 1
$79 USD

If you would like an example of your photos edited with our preset, send a few RAWs to and we will edit them and send them back. 
For more info see our faq page.


Before and Afters: 

CW1 For Soft Light

CW2 For Harsh Light

CW3 B&W with Punch