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We are excited to announce our first pack of Chasewild Presets for Lightroom.

Pack 1 presets give the pop, feel and colour that we love in our photos at Chasewild. It includes two colour presets and one black and white preset to suit a wide range of lighting situations. From soft, overcast light, to harsh sunlight these are our go to presets.

Pack 1 includes:

3 Presets for Lightroom. 

1. CW1 For Soft Light
2. CW2 For Harsh Light
3. CW3 B&W with Punch


Chasewild Preset Pack 1
$79.00 usd.

If you would like an example of your photos edited with our preset, send a few RAWs to editing@chasewild.com and we will edit them and send them back. 
For more info see our faq page.


Before and Afters: 

CW1 For Soft Light - more before and afters

CW2 For Harsh Light - more before and afters

CW3 B&W with Punch - more before and afters