Forged In The North

This was our first visit to NYC and we were lucky enough to hang out with Ryan and Heidi - the two lovely humans behind some amazing wedding photography over at Forged in the North. We made it over to their apartment in Williamsburg, and we were greeted with beaming smiles, a cold local beer in our hands to temper the mini heat wave (their power had been taken out by some sort of gas explosion on the street outside), and their couch dwelling friend Nick Radford. Nick just so happens to be an epic wedding photographer himself and was in town from LA for another wedding. Bonus hangs!

Ryan and Heidi’s apartment was a photographers dream, with cameras, lenses, cases, and all sorts of exciting accessories encapsulating nearly every surface as they prepped their gear for the following days wedding. Their house was refreshing and definitely provided a much needed calmness and quiet after being bombarded in the chaotic streets of NY.

It was great to finally meet Ryan and Heidi after following their work for so long. We had always loved their strong style that has this distinct knack of blending together such strong storytelling, personality communication, and a really refreshing sense of freedom in their use of light. Meeting Ryan and Heidi, it became clearer how they achieve so much epic and so much cool. They are both such welcoming, friendly and  fantastic people-people. 


They invited us out for dinner down the road and we so we ventured out. As we walked the streets of NYC, we marvelled at the soft light everywhere - even the direct sun was soft and dispersed, only casting light shadows. Seeing awesome images of couples standing on rooftops in direct NYC sun started to make a lot more sense, but Ryan and Heidi insisted that the light here was nothing compared to the sweet Cali sun. Too bad we couldn’t check out that area on this trip!  
We sat down to eat, trading wedding stories and getting really confused by the American use of the word ‘literally.’ Or as an American would say lit-eR-a-ly. Apparently if an american 'literally' does something then they probably mean they figuratively did it. But Heidi had literally shot a wedding with 1000 guests this one time. Not figuratively. We were left a little confused. Ryan and Heidi had spent lots of time in NZ, and plan to do so this summer as well, so they were well versed in deciphering our strange kiwisms. 

As we left Ryan and Heidi’s place, Ryan was also leaving town for a wedding he was shooting the next day. Walking out the door, a small team of photographers and videographers arrived. We learnt that Ryan and Heidi have been offering videography with their photography for the last three years. We totally marvelled at how they somehow manage to smash both photography and video out of the park every time often with only two people. Make sure you check out some of their epic videos here.


If you're keen to learn some epic skills from these two then definitely check out the workshop they are running in Brooklyn in August. We believe there's only one seat left! 

Ryan and Heidi is was so rad to meet you and hang in your city. Thanks for having us and we hope to meet you both again soon in New Zealand!

Also a massive thanks to Ryan Flynn for grabbing these shots of Ryan and Heidi for us because we weren't able to! Your D750 files were almost enough to make us convert overnight.