Presets by Chasewild


Create images that pop with our Lightroom preset packs.

Our personal presets are now available you. Speed up your editing. Add your twist. And get the tones you always wanted.

All presets use Adobe standard colour profiles and work across camera platforms.

$79 USD

Pack 2 contains clean tones and true colours while keeping our Chasewild feel.

1. CW4 True Tone
2. CW5 Clean
3. CW6 B&W White Pop

$79 USD

Pack 1 contains Chasewild’s signature looks to create images full of feel and pop:

1. CW1 For Soft Light
2. CW2 For Harsh Light
3. CW3 B&W with Punch

If you would like an example of your photos edited with our presets, send a few RAWs to, let us know which preset pack you are interested in and we will edit them and send them back. 
For more info see our faq page.


Before and Afters

CW1 For Soft Light - From Pack 1

This is our go to preset for all things colour. It’s the perfect starting point for photos shot in overcast light, or afterglow light where things aren’t too harsh. It adds a bunch of pop and feel along with the kind of tones we love.

CW5 Clean - from Pack 2

Our clean preset generally keeps things pretty classy and understated while maintaining our Chasewild feel.

CW2 For Harsh Light - From Pack 1

This is our go to for when the light gets a little harsher and stronger. We generally try to avoid shooting in the kind of light, however when we do, this presets helps to chill it out and get us back on track with our skin tones.

CW4 True Tone - From Pack 2

True tone keeps colours super close to the original while still adding a lot of feel to the image. Super important for when you need that dress to be the right exact red or blue or purple etc.

CW3 B&W with Punch - From Pack 1

This black and white preset adds a lot of contrast and punch to pull out the skin tones and make our couples pop.  

For more information on how these work, see our FAQ below.

If you would like to see how your photos look with our presets - email us at and we will edit a few for you and send them back.