Chasewild Preset FAQs


Where can I use the Presets?

The Presets are built for Lightroom. You can only use the presets on Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6.

The presets will not work on Lightroom Elements.

What cameras are these built for?

The presets do not use a custom camera profile so they work well on most cameras systems. We personally use Canon 5Ds but we have tested the presets on Nikon, Fuji and Sony and they look great there too

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Can I do a test first to see how they look on my images?

Sure, send us an email at with a couple of your RAWS and we will edit them and send them back to you.

Are these one-click presets?

There's no such thing as a one-click preset but these are pretty damn close.

Once you apply the preset you will need to adjust the white balance and the exposure for each scene.


How will I receive the download? 

Once you've made the purchase you will receive a download link that will allow you to download a .zip file that includes the presets.

How do you install the Presets?

Please click here to learn how to install the presets. We have included both .lrtemplate files and .xmp versions of the presets.

Can I buy a single preset (not the whole pack)?

Not at this stage.


What is your return policy?

All sales are final. There are no returns, refunds or exchanges.  All products are delivered as a digital downloads. 

Can I share the presets with a friend?

No. We encourage you to make a backup copy, but no other copying or reproducing of our products is permitted.

How many computers can I install the presets on?

Your purchase includes a licence for 3 computers.

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Do the Presets work on RAW and JPEG files?

The presets were designed for RAW files but they can also be used on JPEG and TIFF files. For best result use RAW.

Are these Presets just for Wedding Photographers?

Not at all. We use these presets for our travel and
commercial work too.

Can I adapt the presets to my own style?

Of course. If you prefer the presets another way, make the change and save them again.

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