Often when you see images of Morocco you see images of lush hotels, colourful tiles, huge swimming pools and tourists galavanting through the Sahara on camels. Yes these things happen in Morocco, I'm guilty of adding to that slew of sameness but there's so much that has been missed in this and I'd like to show you some of the raw beauty of this country.

If you've seen my images from Reem and Jenai's wedding then you may have seen the first few images from this post but delve a little deeper as there's so much more here.



It's taken me a solid 6 months to get onto this blog post because I've been waiting to find the time to do it justice. Back in September last year Andrew and I met up in San Francisco before we headed out to a little festival in the desert. On route we passed through Yosemite to work out what all the hype's about. We made the mistake of not planning enough time and only ended up staying one night but we somehow managed to fit in two epic sunsets during that time. Our minds were blown.


Paris is a pretty rad city. You've probably been told that before but the thing is, it actually is. We spent a few days exploring this amazing city - it's phenomenal cheese and cheap wine are good enough reasons to visit France, throw in some good company and amusing tourists and you have everything you need to keep yourself entertained for a week.

Our friends Si and Soph were in town and we spent some time exploring Paris with them but mostly we just sat on the side of the canal in the evening, drank wine, ate cheese and had some quality yarns.


After experiencing many amazing places and meeting many amazing people, I left James to continue high rolling in Europe and headed back around the world to home in New Zealand. On the way I stopped in to visit my sister who has been living and volunteering in Cambodia. It was a quick visit but what a place! Here's a few photos to tell the story. 

See more from our travels below. 


Unfortunately Cam and I had to depart ways and I continued to travel through Europe for a few more weeks following. Berlin was my first visit. I'd heard a lot about this place and I knew I'd love this city. As you'd know, Berlin is a pretty odd city. There's something about Germany's history that has shaped the people of Berlin and created a culture of people who want to be different. Berliner's are weird and they've managed to attract a hoard of artists who want to live cheap and hipsters who are sick of Fitzroy's gentrification and they've created a pretty rad city. 

Thanks to Olivia for exploring the not so pretty parts of Berlin with me. We climbed a few fences and explored some of Berlin's abandoned buildings.


Norway. Is. Seriously amazing. This place honestly blew our minds. There's no doubt that Norway is definitely one of the most beautiful countries we've been to. We made a great choice in renting a car and driving across the country from Oslo to Bergen. Every turn and tunnel (there were so many of them!) just revealed more and more crazy beautiful landscapes - we could hardly believe it. We hope some of these photos capture the feeling of what it was like to be there. Enjoy!  

New York

This was our first trip to New York and it did not disappoint in any way whatsoever. We spent 4 days wandering the streets of NYC listening to New Yorkers jabber to themselves as they went about their days. James embraced the stalker camera a got a little wild on the Ricoh GR, we ate many bagels and sweated in New Yorks 30'C heat and made some awesome friends.


SanFran was our first stop in The States. To be honest, it wasn't what we expected. The city and it's hills, it's delicious mexican food, the friendly uber drivers, the beating sun, and all the new friends we made were enough to make us want to stay longer...