Engagement Shoot

Sonja + Nicolai // Faroe Island Wedding Photographer

Travelling to the Faroe Islands to shoot with two amazing couples was definitely a highlight of my European summer.

The Faroe Islands is like no other place I've visited. With landscapes like Iceland on drugs and with no people to be seen for miles. Sonja and Nicolai joined me on my second day there and together we explored the islands, adventured around the incredible landscapes and shot some pretty epic stuff. The love these two have for each other is really something special and so prevalent in their nature. It was such a joy to shoot with the two of you!

As for Faroes, this country is like nothing I’ve ever seen and I will definitely be back. But until then, here's some goodness for you.

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Photography by James.

Reece + Penny // Queenstown Engagement shoot

Almost a year ago now Penny and Reece flew over from Australia to meet me in Queenstown for their engagement shoot. Have we mentioned that we LOVE showing our couples around NZ and taking them to the most beautiful parts of our country?

When I met Penny and Reece at Queenstown airport for their shoot we had talked briefly about where we would shoot but coming directly off the plane I hadn’t had time to scout locations like I usually would. The plan was to spend the afternoon exploring together and finding beautiful locations together. This is exactly what we did and the results couldn't be any better.

Photography by James

Sarah + Stefan // Home Engagement Session

When you take an uber talented makeup artist, one of the finest tattoo artists and meet them at their house to drink tea together good things happen. As if it's not enough that they are both crazy talented they just so happen to be the most down to earth couple you could hope to meet with the finest furry feline. Sarah and Stefan invited me to their place one afternoon for a short home engagement shoot to make some magic and I couldn't image any better way to spend an afternoon. 

Photography by Chris